Welcome to Banner House

In 2009 Brain Injury Homes, Inc. started the Banner House for long term residential care of adults who survived traumatic injuries.  The term residential care falls short of the daily assistance and motivational energies the eight staff members bring to their jobs of helping Banner house- mates live the fullest life they can.  At Banner House, we blend recommendations from physical therapists, college fitness coaches, behavioral therapists, physicians and of course family members to help the residents succeed in their daily lives.

Please consider a generous donation to Give2Health.org for Project Van. Scroll down to find out more.

I like to say that we “walk the walk.”  We incorporate physical fitness with fun sports the resident’s pick into almost every day.  Our involvement with Ventura College special education and special weight training classes has boosted self-esteem.  Involvement at the animal shelter on a dedicated schedule rewards our resident’s with the opportunity to give back through community service.

Every day at Banner House the routines of daily life are aided by staff members so the residents can enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  Before one resident, M, can sit outside and read the paper in the sun, he needs assistance with eating, bathing, dressing and toileting.  While he has been properly cared for over the past four years, he has been slowly regaining speech.  After a critical surgery on his feet, M can be transferred from bed to chair.

M has been transferred by Banner House staff into the Toyota Highlander for transportation to college classes, medical appointments, concerts and outings.  He is a tall man and getting him into the SUV requires two staff members.  Each time it is a difficult task to get him into the seat and position his body and legs so he can be safely transported.  Another resident has been classified as non-ambulatory and sometime requires a wheelchair to go on outings.

A used van with wheelchair access from the side would enable Banner House’s female staff members to take M and others on outings.  Research has been made on the type of vehicle required.  Banner House has met its needs and challenges without help from any governmental sources.  What we need now, an accessible van, presents the first time we are reaching out to the greater community of caring adults for support.

Please consider a generous donation to Give2Health.org for Project Van.  All proceeds will go to Banner House’s purchase of a safe vehicle.  Checks to Give2Health, a nonprofit organization, should be mailed to 207 W. Los Angeles Ave., Ste. 145, Moorpark, CA 93021.  Tax ID #45-5157095.